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Search ProvidersEnter your zip code. We’ll SEARCH our thousands of providers and give you all those that offer TV and Internet service in your area.
Compare PlansNow you can get started COMPARING provider plans and find the best Internet plans and TV plans for you.
Schedule ServiceNow just call the provider to SCHEDULE an appointment for service installation. Feel great about your decision knowing you made the best choice because you knew ALL options!

One database. All providers and all plans.

Search every service provider

That's what we're going for. Every Internet and Television provider in the U.S. with every available plan. We're up to 2,300+ providers and over 5,000 provider plans.

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Unbiased and accurate

Many websites give you a few options -the ones they are paid on. And only on one service. We provide you data on all major broadband services. And the best part is that we have no agenda. We just want to show you ALL the options.

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Find the best providers

Search the largest database of broadband plans

Largest database of broadband plans
Find Internet providers by zip

Did you know that there are over 2,300 Internet service providers in the U.S.? (And yet, competition isn't nearly what it should be, but that's a different story entirely.) We break down Internet speeds, pricing, terms and conditions for all the broadband providers in your area, letting you search by zip code.

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Search the best cable TV providers

Whether you live in rural America or in the heart of New York, you have at least 3 TV providers...your local TV provider, Dish Network and DirecTV. Some areas have others. No matter the number of cable TV providers in your area, you'll find them here. Along with all their plans with accurate pricing.

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The leading home service providers at your fingertips
XFinity by Comcast
AT&T Uverse
Charter Communication
Time Warner
Rise Broadband
Google Fiber
Verizon FIOS
Grande Communications