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WireSeek is the "Kayak.com" of Internet and TV Providers Search

All Internet and TV Providers In One Place

Our mission at WireSeek is to help you make the best, most informed decisions possible when shopping for internet, television, and more by revolutionizing the way in which you shop. Wouldn’t it be nice to compare and contrast all of the promotions in your area from all the competing home service providers in one unbiased place without making one phone call? At WireSeek, you can do just that.

In this day and age, the only thing that prevents you from getting the best prices on the best services in your area is the time, effort and expertise it takes to research, collect and organize information from an aggressive crowd of sales pitches that are always reluctant to tell you the whole story. And even after all the work, there’s the lingering notion you may have missed some critical something. At WireSeek, our small team of home service experts work tirelessly to provide you with unbiased, easy access to ALL of your choices so that, when it comes to making decisions about internet, television, and more, you can feel confident you made the right one! (and not feel exhausted after doing so)

Here's how we're doing it...

The Data

At WireSeek, we love data. We love collecting it, refining it and polishing it into usable, readable information. We’re enamored with its ability to communicate truth, establish trust and create a foundation on which good, money-saving decisions flourish. At WireSeek, you don’t have to dig for the best option. Our team of home service experts has harnessed this overwhelming sea of data into one unbiased, user-friendly resource called WireSeek, where good decisions are transparently waiting, beyond the zip code search box, to find you.

For over a year, our dedicated team has researched, collected and analyzed literally millions of pieces of data from governmental organizations, universities, nonprofits, private research institutions as well as the providers themselves. Just type in your zip code to see a complete list of providers in your area. Beneath each provider is an option to view a detailed synopsis of the provider as well as a comprehensive list of plans and promotions. You also have the option to save your searches and compare the details of multiple providers, all in one place.

Our Commitment to You

Researching and organizing this data into a useable interface and resource like Wireseek is one thing. Maintaining the integrity of this data in a home service industry that serves 320 million Americans in the face of governmental policy changes, fluctuating provider promotions and the introduction of new technologies is quite another. But we’re ready for the challenge. Our days are spent searching for more data, revising our existing data and keeping an eye out for more passionate researchers to add to our dedicated team. And of course, at WireSeek, we know that two minds are better than one, so if you have any suggestions on how we can do things even better, please let us know!

Help Improve Our Data!

Having the largest, most up-to-date collection of service providers is hard work. Let us know if you find information we missed!

If possible, please include the company url, phone, miscellaneous fees, advertised offers and any other relevant data.

Please include the link where you found the data so that our team can verify the data.

Provide your email address just in case we need to verify with you the data.

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